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What is ChARM PHR for?

  • To communicate with your physician and request for appointment online
  • To maintain your personal health records

How do I add a new member to my existing ChARM PHR account?

Yes, you can add more than one patient under an existing PHR as a new member

  • Click on the PHR invitation link
  • It will prompt for your the Date of Birth. Provide the DOB(registered with the practice) and click 'Next
  • Choose 'Add as new patient
  • Now the system will prompt to enter the existing Login ID and Password(the login credentials that belongs to existing member)
  • Once you are logged in, your account will be added as a member and you can see the 'SwitchMember' option

Now you will be able to switch between the Members and view required information in your account

How do I change username of my account?
Username of the PHR account cannot be changed once created.

What is the maximum size of the document that I can upload to my PHR account?
The total space allotted for uploading documents is 100MB. You can upload any number of documents within that limit.

How do I add another practice to my PHR account?
A practice using ChARM EHR can be added to an existing account member via an invitation sent to the email ID provided for your ChARM PHR account.

On clicking the invitation link sent to your email ID, you will be asked to enter the Date of Birth of the account member for whom another practice has to be added. Now, login with the username and password of the existing account. Then select the option “Add with existing patient” option and select the “Patient Name”. Under “Care Team” you can see another practice added to your account member.

How to retrieve my ChARM PHR account password?
You can use “Forgot Password” link provided in the login page. Either provide your username or Email Address there. Your password will be sent to your email ID.

Can I create my own ChARM PHR account?
No, as of now only practices can create an account for you in ChARM PHR.

How do I communicate with my physician?
You can use “Send Message” or compose an email in “Inbox” under “Care Team” to communicate with your physician.

I could not login to PHR ever after providing proper username/password?

For logging into ChARM PHR, cookies should be enabled in the browser. To confirm whether cookies are enabled, access the following URL:

Once connected, if you see a message as "Cookies are DISABLED in this browser ", then you have to enable the cookies to access ChARM PHR.

How do I assist patients in resetting the password?

You can guide patients to use the Forgot Password link available on PHR login page or navigate to

  • Click on Forgot Password link
  • Enter your registered email Address
  • click on submit Button

Check your inbox for password reset email and use the link to reset your password