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Patient Portal - User Guide

Patient Portal Registration

Patients can create a PHR account only through an e-invite from Practices registered with Charm. If you have not received an invitation email,

  1. Check your spam folder if the Practice has already sent one.
  2. Request the Practice to send an invitation if they have not.


  1. Click on the invite link.
    Patientportal Registration
  2. Enter the patient's date of birth (mm-dd-yyyy format).
    Patient Portal Account Activation
  3. Click on the 'Next' button.
    Patient Portal Account Activation
  4. Enter your preferred 'Password' (follow the password instructions shown).
  5. Fill in the CAPTCHA
  6. Accept Charm PHR's privacy policy, terms, and conditions
  7. Click on the 'Submit' button.
  8. Enter the verification code received via email.
  9. Click on the 'Verify OTP' button.

You will also receive a Welcome Mail from Charm with the PHR sign-in link for future use.

Verification & Sign-Up FAQs

A verification error can occur for several reasons. Here are a few common errors and steps to correct them:

How do you avoid delays in the delivery of verification code emails?

OTP requests are time-sensitive. A delay in receiving OTP mails prevents you from verifying your account. To avoid this error, users should whitelist or add as a trusted sender.

How to avoid the 'Signup Verification' code invalid error?

Refreshing the verification window multiple times causes this error. Refreshing the page triggers a new OTP each time, making the previously sent OTPs invalid. Users should avoid refreshing the page or browser and wait for a few minutes.

How to avoid the 'Sign up Verification' code session timeout error?

Your email service provider can categorize verification mails as 'Spam' or 'Junk'. Whitelisting or adding as a trusted sender prevents session timeout errors.

The signup page reloads while switching between browser or tab

This error is prevalent in Android OS or Chrome browsers and is unavoidable. Your page will stop loading once you sign in. Alternatively, use an IOS device or other browsers like Firefox.