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Managing your Personal and Wellness records

Managing your personal records and wellness tracker is easier with PHR. You can add your personal records using the big “+” icon present in the section top and track your wellness metrics using “Wellness” section in the left hand side menu.

Personal records like medications, lab records, problems, allergies, diets can be added using the big “+” button available in the section’s top.
Quick Add
Add Medications

Personal data added by you is marked with “Blue” line as shown
Personal Data

Manage your Wellness

Track your wellness metrics like Blood Sugar, Blood Pressure (BP) , Fitness activities (Cycling, Jogging, Swimming, Sleep) using 'Wellness' section.

Default Trackers

Below are the default trackers available in ChARM PHR

  • General (Weight,Height,BMI)
  • Temperature
  • Blood Pressure
  • Cholesterol
  • Blood Sugar
  • Fitness & Custom Metrics

Add Vitals

New Metrics (Custom Metrics)

You can add your own metrics to track using 'New Metric' option available in 'Fitness & Others' tracker.
New Metrics

Adding Metric Entries

You can add your fitness metric entries in two ways

Using big “+” icon present in Wellness section top
Quick Add

Using 'Add Entry' menu of specific tracker
Adding Metric Entries

Metric History

You can view metric history using 'History' menu related tracker. Metric history data is shown in tabular and graphical chart view
Metric Chart