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Users can record information about past and present allergies here. This section displays the allergen name, severity, and activity status. Click on the '+' icon to add an allergy.

Problem List

The 'Problem List' section allows patients to maintain details about major health problems. They can record past issues and track present conditions as well. Click on the '+' icon to add new conditions.
Add Condition


Users can update details about past procedures here. Patients can share these details with the Practice ahead of consultation through Charm. Click on the '+' icon to add a new Procedure.
Add Procedure


Patients can add or manage their past, present, and upcoming diets here. Green and red highlights denote inclusive and elimination diets, respectively. Click on the '+' icon to add a new item to your list.

Adding an end date to your diet further enables the frequency option. You can use it to track your weekly plan effectively.
Add Diet


Update details about past, present, and upcoming therapies here. Click on the '+' icon to add new therapy information, duration, frequency, and other specifics.
Add Therapy


Users managing children's profiles can track their child's immunization details here. Click on the '+' icon to update the vaccine name and other information.
Add Vaccine


You can update all your insurance details in the PHR portal to keep them handy during emergencies. Click the '+' icon to add information about your ongoing insurance.
Add Insurance

Note: Fields marked with red asterisks are compulsory.


Charm PHR's built-in report allows users to track and make meaningful conclusions about their health. The 'Reports' section displays health vitals and fluctuations, diet measures you undertook, diagnosis, and drug intake details. The date filter enables viewing reports for a particular period.


The 'Wellness' section allows users to track everyday vitals and fitness goals. Clicking on the '+' icon enables users to add vitals under the appropriate tabs.

Default Trackers

Charm offers users the following six default trackers to view and manage health vitals and fitness goals. Clicking on each tracker allows you to fill in vitals or metrics within the respective fields

  • General (Weight,Height,BMI)
  • Temperature
  • Blood Pressure
  • Cholesterol
  • Blood Sugar
  • Fitness & Custom Metrics

Add Vitals

Additionally, you can create custom vitals under the 'Others' tab within this section.

New Metrics (Custom Metrics)

You can add, edit, and delete your metrics to track using 'New Metric' and 'Update Metric' options available in the 'Fitness & Others' tracker.
New Metrics

Adding Metric Entries

You can add your fitness metric entries in two ways

Using big '+' icon present in Wellness section top
Quick Add

Using 'Add Entry' menu of specific tracker
Adding Metric Entries

Metric History

You can view metric history using 'History' menu related tracker. Metric history data is shown in tabular and graphical chart view
Metric Chart

Google Fit

Integrating your Google Fit account with CharmHealth PHR brings together valuable fitness and wellness data from various sources. Create a comprehensive view of your overall health journey with the following steps:

  1. Click on the 'Add Google Fit' button situated in the top right corner of the Wellness section.
    Add Google Fit Option
  2. Select the specific Wellness Parameters you wish to view, like Daily Steps, Body Temperature, Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, Sleep Hours, Blood Glucose, and Blood Oxygen Saturation Level. (CharmHealth PHR will fetch the data only for the enabled Parameters from Google Fit.)
    Add Google Fit
  3. Click on the 'Connect with Google Fit' button. This action redirects you to the Google verification page.
  4. Choose your preferred email address associated with your Google Fit account and proceed to grant the requested permissions.
    Access Google Account

Once done, CharmHealth PHR will begin parsing the data collected by Google Fit from its supporting Android or iOS devices. You'll then be able to view and access the data based on the chosen Wellness Parameters.
Sync Google Fit

You can click on the 'Sync Google Fit' button to update the latest data. The 'More Options' icon (3 dots) allows you to configure or revoke the Google Fit integration.

Note: You need to grant access within the Google verification page each time the Google Fit integration is configured.

Growth Chart

This section allows you to track your child's physical growth over the years. The 'Practice' tab displays the growth chart the physician shares.

The filters within the tab allow you to view the child's height, weight, and BMI transformations over the years. The percentile data and graph display the variations between actual growth and the national average.
Growth Chart

Additionally, you can view the head circumference changes alongside average growth under this tab for infants.

The 'Personal' tab displays the height, weight, and BMI growth you enter in the child's PHR account under the 'Wellness' section periodically. The graph compares the actual growth alongside the national average.

Note: Growth Chart is applicable only for members between 2 -20 years.

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