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Invoices and Receipts

You can view the 'Invoices' and 'Receipts' sent from your practice in 'Billing' section. Billing section has below two sub sections, viz., 'Invoice' and 'Receipt'
Billing Section

View Invoice and Receipt

To view the details of the invoice or receipt click the respective row.
Invoice Details

Paying the Invoice


  1. Click the the respective invoice row
  2. Click 'Make Payment' button, which will show the payment dialog
  3. Fill in the card details and click on 'Submit' to proceed with the payment

Download Invoice


  1. Select the respective invoice row from the 'Invoice' section. This will open up the detailed invoice view.
  2. Click “Download” button

Download Receipt


  1. Select the 'Receipt' you wish to download
  2. Click 'Download' button