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Patient Portal - User Guide


Patients can access the encrypted two-way messaging feature if the Practice has enabled it.

Send Message to Providers

Message can be sent from two places

  • Using 'Send Message' from 'Quick Menu' bar
  • Using 'Compose' from 'Messages' section

When you click the 'Send Message' or 'Compose' the compose dialog will be shown as below.
Compose Message


  1. Select /Enter the practice member in 'To' field
  2. Fill in the 'Subject' field
  3. Attach the documents to be sent using attachment button shown in the dialog
  4. Type in your message for the provider
  5. Click on 'Send' button to send the message

Message will be delivered to the respective practice member and copy of the Sent message will be available in 'Sent' folder

Receiving Messages from Providers

When your provider sends a message,

  • You will get a notification to your personal email
  • You will get a notification message in your Timeline
  • Unread messages count gets updated in the 'Messages' menu

Click on the message to view the details.

Message Details from Timeline

Message View

Message Details from Message Section

Message View

Reply /Reply All/Forward

You can Reply or Reply All or Forward the message received using the icons shown below.
Reply and Reply all and Forward Messages