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Patient Portal - User Guide


Once the E-Commerce feature is enabled, the patients having the PHR account can start placing their orders by making online payment. The Patient needs to log onto ChARM PHR ( , using their credentials and click on E-Commerce Store icon in Home page.

The Shopping page will list down all products that are enabled by the practice, which can be filtered based on category or listed alphabetically. There is an option to search a particular product using the search option as well.
Choose Product

Adding Products to Cart

The Patients can browse and select the products and add them to cart by entering the required quantity. The Products added to the cart can be viewed anytime by clicking on the Cart icon on the right top corner. The Cart view will list out the Products selected, quantity and the amount of each product.
Cart View

Product Checkout

Once the patients are done with shopping, they can proceed to check out page either from the Cart View or by clicking the Proceed to Checkout button besides the Cart icon on the top right corner.
Proceed to Checkout

The Checkout involves three easy steps as shown below.
Checkout Steps

Selecting Shipping Address

The patient can select the address that is displayed or they can add a new shipping address by clicking the ‘Add Shipping Address’ button, to which the orders need to be delivered.
Select Shipping Address
Add Shipping Address

Calculating Shipping Charges

Note - Shipping Service options will be available to select only if the Practice offers those. If the Practice has chosen only UPS, then those options alone will be shown.

If the Practice has chosen both UPS and USPS, then both the options will be available to select.
Calculate Shipping Charges

Clicking on the Calculate button will display the UPS/USPS Shipping options offered and the relevant charges, from which the patients can choose a preferred option.

The grand total gets auto calculated only after selecting the shipping charges option and will be displayed.
Calculate USPS Charges
Show Total Charges

If the practice has its own shipping charges, then the shipping charges will be populated by default, based on the configurations given by the Practice in shipping section.

Making Payment

The Patient can proceed with the payment by furnishing the Card details. On successful placement of the order, an invoice and receipt will be generated for that order which will be available under the Billing section of PHR, if the Production Mode is enabled. ( In evaluation mode, the invoice and receipt will not be shared in PHR Billing section )

Note: Any Card Details can be provided for Evaluation Mode, as it will not be validated.
Make Payment
Order Info

Viewing Order History

If the patients wish to see the previous orders/order history, they can click on ‘Order History’ button, which will list down all the previous orders.
Order History

Clicking on View button of a particular order shows the complete details of that order.
Order Details

If the patients wish to continue with shopping, they can click on the ‘Back to Shopping’ button.