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Appointment Request

To schedule an appointment with your provider,

  1. Login to the Patient Portal
  2. Go to the ‘Appointments’ section
  3. Click on ‘Request Appointment’ button

Appointment Request Appointment Request

The appointment request page lists all the providers in your practice. Choose the provider with whom you want an appointment.

Option 1:

If your provider has enabled online appointment booking, you can view the available slots.

Appointment Request

  1. Choose a convenient time by clicking on the slot
  2. Enter Reason for Appointment
  3. Click on ‘Schedule’.

Appointment Request

Option 2:

If your provider has not enabled online appointment booking, available slots view will not be shown. Instead Appointment Request Form will be shown.

  1. Enter your date/time preference
  2. Reason for appointment
  3. Click on ‘Request’

Appointment Request

On submitting the form, appointment request mail will be sent to your provider for confirmation. The appointment requests are also listed in patient portal under ‘Requested Appointments‘ section.

Appointment Request

Once your provider confirms the appointment, you will get a confirmation email.

The confirmed appointments are listed under ‘Upcoming Appointments’ section of the patient portal.

Appointment Request