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Fill Pre-Appointment Questionnaires

From ChARM Patient Portal, you can fill pre-appointment questionnaires shared by your practice prior to your office visit.

This significantly reduces the time you spent in waiting room during appointment and helps your provider to know about you in advance.

Fill Pre-Appointment Questionnaires

You will get an email notification whenever your practice shares some questionnaires with you. In addition, a notification icon (with count) is shown on top right corner of ‘Questionnaires’ section if you have any questionnaires to fill.

To fill pre-appointment questionnaires

  1. Login to Patient Portal
  2. Go to the ‘Questionnaires’ section
  3. Choose a questionnaire, fill the details and click on Save

The ‘Current’ tab lists the questionnaires to be filled for your upcoming appointment. Fill all the questionnaires listed under the ‘Current’ tab.

The ‘Past’ tab lists the questionnaires filled during previous consultations.

Fill Pre-Appointment Questionnaires


  1. Make sure to click on the Save button once you fill a questionnaire. Otherwise, your inputs will not be recorded. Follow this for every questionnaire that you fill.
  2. Questions marked with red asterisks are mandatory to fill
  3. You can partially fill a questionnaire, save and continue it later.
  4. You can edit the questionnaire till you go for consultation. Once the consultation starts, you cannot edit the questionnaire.