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Does ChARM support electronic prescription? How to enable it?
Yes, you can send eRx from ChARM EHR. Practice Admin can enable eRx for prescribers from 'Settings > Rx > eRx' section. DEA & NPI number is mandatory to enable eRx for the prescriber.

Where do I find the electronic scripts sent to pharmacy?
Navigate to 'Prescriptions > eRx Sent' section.

Where do I find the refill requests sent by pharmacy?
Navigate to 'Prescriptions > Pharmacy Request' section

Can Nurse process the refill requests?
Yes, Nurse can process the refill request received by the prescriber. Nurse can see these requests under the Patient Dashboard -> Messages section. When the refill is process by the nurse, the Script will be sent with Doctor as the Prescriber and Nurse as agent.

I only have an NPI number but not DEA. How can I enable electronic prescription for my account?
Even if you do not have the DEA number, electronic prescription can be enabled using our Surescripts Admin Console. Please update the following information in your ChARM account and let us know, so that we can enable electronic prescription for your account

  • Under “Settings -> Facility -> Facility List”, provide the facility address, phone and fax details
  • Under “Settings -> Facility -> Facility Members”, provide the NPI number

I have successfully added a Rx. But, when I try to e-prescribe, it pops up a message “No Prescription to send”?
Check whether you have added custom drug to the prescription. If custom drugs are added, you would be able to find out control substance number for that drug. These drugs cannot be e-prescribed

By enabling eRx, will I be able to receive refills from pharmacies?
Not immediately. First you need to send at least 5 new eRx requests from your account successfully. Once this is done, refill Rx service gets enabled automatically within 14 days. Only then, pharmacies will be able to send refill requests to your account in ChARM.