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e-Prescription (e-Rx)

How to add free-text compounded drugs? How to add ingredients to free-text compounded drugs?
CharmHealth EHR allows you to e-Prescribe free-text compounded drugs provided they have National Drug Code(NDC) & DEA(Drug Enforcement Administration) Schedule Level details. While adding free-text compounded or custom drugs, we require the user to enter NDC & DEA details into the system.

While adding free-text compounded drugs, we recommend users add ingredients for auto-pulling NDC and DEA schedule levels for the added drug. Related drugs are auto-suggested from our standard drug database when entering the ingredient name. The corresponding NDC and DEA details are pulled from our drug database when picking a related drug from an auto-suggested list. Most restrained ingredients' NDC and DEA levels are assigned to the free-text drug. Drugs having a DEA level of '0' can be e-Prescribed by all the e-Rx privileged users. Free-text compounded drugs with DEA schedule levels II, III, IV & V can be e-Prescribed by the EPCS privileged users. Click on this link for further information.

How to add NDC and DEA details for an already added free-text compounded drug?
Go to ‘Settings > Rx > Manage Supplements and Drugs section. In the case of custom compounded drugs, the 'Edit' option allows modifying the ingredient details.

How do I refine my drug in the Prescriptions search view?
The drug list can be narrowed down using the refined search filters available in the prescription search view.

Enter a part of your drug name in the search field and click search. This will pull all the drugs matching the search pattern. Refine listed drugs using the Strength, Route, and Dose Form filters. The 'Is Custom' filter lists the drugs that are added manually or drugs available in our standard drug database. Click on this link for further information.

When and Why do Prescriptions need to be explicitly signed?
Signing is needed when a Prescriber writes the prescription and he/she wants an agent to transmit the prescription on his/her behalf. In this scenario, the Prescriber writes prescriptions and signs them during the visit. At the end of the visit or after the visit, the Prescriber's agent can either transmit the non-controlled prescriptions electronically to pharmacies or print the prescriptions and provide them to the Patient.

Explicitly signing is not required when the Prescriber transmits the prescriptions written by him/her.

Do Prescribers explicitly need to sign the prescriptions for printing 'Paper-Rx'?
For transmitting prescriptions via Paper-Rx, you do not have to sign the prescriptions explicitly. You can simply add the prescriptions using the 'Add' button in the prescription view. While the Prescriber prints prescriptions using the 'Transmit -> Paper Rx' option, the drugs will be auto-signed. You can also choose the State-preferred Paper-Rx format for printing prescriptions.

How do I modify the strength of the prescribed drug in the next visit/refill?
The strength of the prescribed drug can be modified from the Patient's Medications section using the 'Modify' option. Click on this link for further information.
Modify Prescription

This option lists all the available strengths of the drug. Selecting another strength from the list opens the prescription view by automatically filling in the original prescription intake details. Adding this prescription will make the original prescription inactive.

How do I print prescriptions in the State-recommended format?
In CharmHealth EHR, we have designed a Paper-Rx format specific to each State. On printing Paper-Rx, you can opt for the Paper-Rx format specific to your State as shown in the below image. Practice-Admin can make this a generic configuration for their accounts under 'Settings > Rx > Rx Print Format'. Click on this link for further information.

Where do I see all the prescriptions written by me/prescribed in a specific date range?
The 'Prescriptions > Prescriptions' section displays the prescriptions written. Refine prescriptions based on Date, Prescriber, and Status using the Filters provided.
Prescription View

  1. Prescribers can filter the medications that are 'Unsigned' and sign the medications.
  2. Agents can transmit the prescriptions signed, instead of transmitting them from chart-note or Patient's medication view.

Does CharmHealth have any tool to find out/calculate the Opioid Risk probability score of a Patient?
Yes, CharmHealth EHR has introduced the 'Opioid Risk Tool Questionnaire' to help the Providers to know about the Patient's Opioid Risk Score, at the time of the visit. This score may help Providers in evaluating before prescribing Controlled-Substance/Opioid to a Patient. Click on this link for further information.

How do I repeat prescriptions of a previous encounter for the current visit?
You can use the 'Past Rx' option from the chart notes or Quick Rx view for repeating prescriptions from previous encounters with the Patient.

In the 'Comprehensive' chart type, the 'Past Rx' option is available in the 'Physician Notes > Recommendations > Prescriptions' section. In other chart note types, the 'Past Rx' option is available in the 'Prescriptions' section. You can also use the 'Modify Rx' option in this view to modify the strength if needed.

e-Prescription (e-Rx)

Does CharmHealth support electronic prescriptions? How to enable it?
Yes, CharmHealth supports electronic prescriptions.

  1. You can enable e-Rx for prescribing non-controlled substances from the 'Settings > Rx > e-Rx' section. (The Prescriber's NPI details are mandatory for enrolling.) Please find the detailed steps in this link.
  2. You can enable EPCS for prescribing controlled substances from the 'Settings > Rx > EPCS Manager' section. (The Prescriber's NPI and DEA details are mandatory for enrolling.) Please find the detailed steps in this link.

Where do I find the electronic scripts sent to the pharmacy?
Navigate to the 'Prescriptions > e-Rx Sent' section.

Where do I find the refill and Rx-change requests sent by the pharmacy?
You can find the refill and Rx-change requests sent by the pharmacy by navigating to the 'Prescriptions > Pharmacy Request' section.

Can the Nurse process the refill requests?
Yes, if the Nurse is an assigned agent, they can process refill requests on the Physician's behalf. You can assign a Nurse as your agent using the steps below:

  1. Go to the 'Settings > Account > My Profile' section.
  2. Choose the Nurse's name from the drop-down list in the 'Assign Agent' field.
  3. Click on the 'Save' button

Once configured, the nurse can see these requests under the 'Prescriptions > Pharmacy Request' section. When the Nurse processes the refill, the script is sent with the Physician as the Prescriber and Nurse as an agent.

By enabling e-Rx, will I be able to receive refills from pharmacies?
If you have a refill service level enabled with the same facility address as another EHR vendor, it is required to do vendor switching to our CharmHealth EHR product to receive refill requests in your CharmHealth EHR account. Surescripts will take 2 to 3 weeks to complete the vendor switching process to switch your refill request from another EHR vendor to CharmHealth EHR.

If the facility address being used for e-Rx registration does not have a refill service level enabled with another EHR vendor, you can start receiving refill requests from pharmacies upon completion of sending 5 new Rx requests from your CharmHealth EHR account. Surescripts requires 5 new Rx messages and refill service will be enabled for your account, within 14 days after receiving the 5th new Rx message.

I only have an NPI number but not DEA. How can I enable electronic prescriptions for my account?
Even if you do not have the DEA number, electronic prescriptions can be enabled using our Surescripts Admin Console. Please update the following information in your CharmHealth account and let us know, so that we can enable electronic prescription for your account

  • Under “Settings > Facility > Facility List”, provide the facility address, phone, and fax details
  • Under “Settings > Facility > Facility Members”, provide the NPI number

How to e-Prescribe free-text compounded drugs?
CharmHealth EHR allows you to e-Prescribe free-text compounded drugs provided they have National Drug Code(NDC) & DEA(Controlled Substance Act) Schedule Level details. While adding free-text compounded or custom drugs, we require the user to enter NDC & DEA details into the system. For compounded drugs, users can add ingredients for pulling corresponding NDC and DEA detail from our drug database. Most restrained ingredients' NDC and DEA levels to the free-text drug are assigned.

If a practice account has multiple facilities and a Prescriber wants e-Rx service in all the facilities, do the e-Rx verification fee and identity proofing process need to be performed separately for each facility?
Not needed. Even though e-Rx service is facility/location specific, the Prescriber can undergo the identity proofing process only one time with a one-time verification/subscription fee. In the case of EPCS, the Prescriber should possess State's DEA number specific to the facility location. In the case of an e-Rx solution for e-Prescribing, only non-controlled substance drugs, the Prescriber should submit the filled e-Rx Enrollment Form and medical license specific to the Facility's State.

How does CharmHealth EHR help you in minimizing Misrouted Transactions?
In CharmHealth EHR, on e-prescribing a drug, pharmacies can be filtered/searched based on name, address ( street/city), zip code, phone number, fax number, and specialty (retail/mail-order). Apply the filters to locate the appropriate pharmacy before transmitting a prescription electronically. Click on this link for further information.


What is PDMP & its benefits?
A prescription drug monitoring program (PDMP) is an electronic database that tracks controlled substance prescriptions in a state. PDMPs are promising tools for healthcare providers to see patients’ prescribing histories to inform their prescribing decisions. Some states have implemented policies that require providers to check a state PDMP prior to prescribing controlled substances to decrease the abuse of opioids. Click on this link for further information.

How does CharmHealth EHR allow you to access the state's PDMP report within your EHR account?
CharmHealth EHR facilitates providers to access their patient's PDMP reports before prescribing controlled substance drugs. CharmHealth EHR uses Bamboo (Formerly known as Appriss) PMP Gateway service for accessing State's PDMP data. CharmHealth EHR's integrated PMP Gateway automates search so patient PDMP data is ready to view for rapid access within your daily workflow.

How do I enable/register the PDMP interface for my practice account in CharmHealth EHR?
Registration information is available in your 'Settings > Rx > PDMP' section. Please visit us at for more details on registration.


I am registered for the EPCS subscription. On digitally signing a CS drug using TFA, each time I have to choose my token preference. How do I configure my default EPCS Token preference?

  1. Go to your EPCS Subscription Details view under 'Settings > Rx > eRx'.
  2. Click on the 'More Options' (3 dots) icon against the Provider name.
  3. Choose the 'View' option
    EPCS Token

Your default token preference can be configured in this view against the field, 'Preferred Token'. Once configured, it is auto-set as your preferred token in the TFA view.

How do I renew my EPCS subscription product?
You need to renew your EPCS subscription based on the Subscription Plan purchased. The Practice Admin/Office Manager can renew the EPCS subscription on expiry using the 'Renew' option in the 'Settings > Rx > EPCS Manager' section.


While prescribing Fullscript supplements, Is it possible to mention a frequency other than the suggested frequencies listed in the dosage section?
Yes. It is possible. While adding a Fullscript Supplement, you can leave the frequency section empty as it is not mandatory & give your custom dosage information in the Comment section.

I am new to CharmHealth. I want to sign up with an online dispensary. Should I use Fullscripts or Wholescripts?
CharmHealth integrates with both online dispensaries. Customers can choose their preferred online dispensary.

What are the advantages of signing up with Fullscript over maintaining my inventory and selling them using CharmHealth Inventory features?
Integrating with Fullscript will help Practices save time by reducing administrative burdens. It also helps manage patient progress better. To know more about the benefits of using Fullscript, visit this link.


I have a WholeScripts account. Do I need to contact WholeScripts to use this integration?
You need not contact WholeScripts. Your integration is enabled once you log in to your WholeScripts account from CharmHealth.

I am a Practice owner. My Practice has two Providers. Is it enough if only one Provider is mapped to the WholeScripts account from CharmHealth EHR?
The WholeScripts account is a Provider-specific account. Both Providers should Log In with WholeScripts to use WholeScripts integration from CharmHealth.

I do not have a WholeScripts account. How can I set up an account with WholeScripts?
You can sign up with WholeScripts from their website -

What is a Patient Referral Code & when to use it?
Patient Referral Codes are like coupons associated with new Patients while sending out a WholeScripts registration link to them.
A Referral code is mandatory for a Patient to create an account with WholeScripts. One will be selected by default while sending out the recommendations to a Patient from CharmHealth EHR to WholeScripts.
WholeScripts Patient Referral Code

I have a Patient who is already registered with a different WholeScripts Practitioner. Can I still prescribe supplements to them?
No. This is a WholeScripts limitation. Once a Patient gets registered with a particular WholeScripts Practitioner, no other Practitioner can prescribe supplements to the Patient. An error message pops up as shown below.
Registered WholeScripts Account

I want to know more about WholeScripts MedPax Supplements.
You can go through this link to know more about how MedPax works in WholeScripts.