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Patient Check-In Kiosk


I would like to stream line patient check-in process in our practice with a kiosk or tablet. How to do that?
Go to “Settings->Kiosk Setup” section. Create a new account and choose the mode of access (KIOSK or Tablet). If you use a tablet, your front desk person can login through the tablet, choose the patient and hand over the tablet to the patient. If you use Kiosk, you have to generate a PIN number for each patient from 'Patient Dashboard'. Patient can login to KIOSK with the given PIN to enter their details.

Is there a way for patients to electronically sign the uploaded consent forms? Where to upload the consent forms?
Patients can sign electronically uploaded consent forms using iPad native KIOSK app.
Consent forms should be uploaded under 'Settings > Documents > Practice Documents > Consent Forms'.