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Virtual Appointment Bot Integration

CharmHealth's interactive AI-enabled Virtual Chat Bot assists patients in booking appointments from your Practice Website. You can embed this Natural Language Processing Bot in your Website with customizable Q&As to guide your patients while they book Appointments.


  1. Patients or Caregivers can easily book and reschedule appointments from your Practice Website with the help of our Virtual Appointment Bot.
  2. Our intelligent Bot identifies the existing Patient with a couple of Q&As and makes booking follow-up Appointments smoother.
  3. You can enable card payments with our Bluefin integration.
  4. Virtual Appointment Bot will use the Appointment schedule details and pre-screening questionnaires configured in your Charm EHR account. There are no additional configurations specific to the Bot.
  5. The 'Suggest me a Doctor' option can ask users symptoms-related questions to help them find a Doctor specific to their symptoms within the Practice.
  6. Quick integration by copying our script into your Practice Website source will activate the Bot.

Customize and Generate Embed Script

The Appointment Chat Bot feature can be subscribed for your Practice accounts from the Settings Page. The Practice Admin can subscribe and customize the theme and other settings to suit your Practice website using the following steps:

  1. Go to Settings > Calendar > Appointment Bot tab.
    Appointment Bot Option
  2. Click on the 'Subscribe for Appointment Chat Bot' button. (The feature comes with a subscription fee of $10 per month)
    Subscribe Appointment Chat Bot
  3. Enter the Practice Website's link where you want to embed the bot in the 'Client Website URL' field. Then, click on the 'Save & Configure Bot' button.
    Save and Configure Bot
  4. Once done, the Practice Admin can customize the chatbot's color theme, prompt message, and header content to suit your website.
    Customize Chat Bot
  5. Then, enable the following options based on your Practice preference:
    • 'OTP Authentication' - If SMS is enabled for your Practice, you can enable the OTP authentication option, which allows patients to verify themselves with mobile OTP during the appointment booking workflow.
    • 'Provider Selection Workflow' - You can enable any of the options:
      1. If the 'Provider > Visit Types' option is enabled, the Bot will display a list of all available Providers. Patients can then choose a specific Provider to view and book the associated visit types.
      2. If the 'Visit Type > Providers' option is enabled, the Bot will display all the available visit types. Once the Patient chooses a visit type, they can view and book an associated Provider.
    • 'Reschedule Flow Settings' to decide how many days before an appointment a patient is allowed to reschedule. You can also customize the prompt message that should be displayed when rescheduling is not allowed.
  6. Clicking on the 'Save & Update Script' button displays the updated Embed Code Script on the right-hand side.
  7. You will have to include the updated script on your Practice Website's Home page with the help of your IT team.
  8. Once embedded, our Charm Assist Appointment Bot will be visible in your Practice portal, as shown below, and it will be ready to book the Appointments.
    Embed Appointment Chat Bot

Virtual Appointment Bot Features

The Virtual Appointment Bot supports the following workflows:

Appointment Chat Bot Integration

The 'Go to Start Menu' option allows you to reset your Virtual Appointment Bot chat at any point in your workflow.

Booking a New Appointment

Patients or Caregivers can book appointments themselves using the steps below:

  1. Click on the 'Virtual Appointment Bot' icon on the Practice website and select the 'Book Appointment' option.
  2. Choose a suitable 'Facility' from the available list.
    Chat Bot Appointment Booking
  3. (A) New Patient

    New Patients can choose the 'Myself' or 'Others' option. Then, they can proceed to register themselves by filling in their First/Last Name, Gender, Date of Birth, Phone Number, and Email ID.
    Appointment Chat Bot New Patient
    Appointment Chat Bot New Patient

    Note: In case SMS is enabled for your Practice, the Patients must enter their phone number and OTP received to verify themselves before registering.

    (B) Existing Patients

    If SMS is enabled for the Practice, existing Patients can verify themselves with their phone number and OTP. If SMS is not enabled, they can enter Patient Demographic details to proceed.
    Appointment Chat Bot Existing Patients

    Note: If the Patient's phone number or email ID is not available, the Bot will request them to update it.

  4. Depending on your Practice Settings, you can choose Providers either by:
    (A) Choosing Providers - Click on the 'List All Providers' option to select an available Provider. You can also filter Providers by their specialty using the 'drop-down' option. Then, choose a preferred Visit Type configured for the Provider to proceed further.
    Appointment Chat Bot Provider List
    (B) Choosing Visit Type - Click on your preferred Visit Type from the available options to view and select an available Provider. Then, click on the 'Proceed with this Provider' option.
    Choosing Visit Type
    Choosing Visit Type
  5. Pick a suitable date. Then, select a preferred time slot from the list.
    Appointment Chat Bot Available Slots
    Appointment Chat Bot Available Slots
  6. In case the Practice has added pre-screening questionnaires in their Charm EHR account, the bot will ask New Patients to fill it.
    Appointment Chat Bot Questionnaires
  7. If the Practice has enabled card payment using our Bluefin Integration, the 'Confirm & Proceed with Payment' option in the Appointment Summary opens the payment view.
    Appointment Chat Bot Reason
    Appointment Chat Bot Payment

Upon successful payment, the appointment gets confirmed with the selected Provider on the scheduled Date and Time.
Appointment Chat Bot Confirmation

Reschedule an Appointment

Patients or Caregivers can use the Bot to reschedule their appointments easily using the following steps:

  1. Click on the 'Virtual Appointment Bot' icon on the Practice website and select the 'Reschedule Appointment' option.
  2. Enter your phone number and the OTP sent through SMS, which allows the Appointment Bot to fetch linked patient data.
    Chat Bot Reschedule Appointment

Note: If the Practice has not enabled SMS, or if the Bot is unable to fetch patient data, it will request you to enter the Patient Demographic details to proceed. If the Bot is still unable to fetch any data, you will be requested to book a new appointment.

  1. Pick an appointment from the list.
    Chat Bot Reschedule Appointment List
  2. Select a suitable date and time to reschedule. Click on the 'Confirm Reschedule' button to save your changes.
    Chat Bot Confirm Reschedule

Suggest me a Doctor

Our 'Suggest me a Doctor' feature in the Virtual Appointment Bot asks a sequence of symptom-related questions. Practices should provide their set of Q&As for the 'Suggest me a Doctor' workflow based on their needs. Our integration team will configure them specifically for your Virtual Appointment Bot. At the end of Q&As, the Appointment Bot will be able to suggest a specialized Doctor in your Practice. The sample flow below gives a better understanding.
Appointment Chat Bot Questionnaire

Client Specific Customization

Charm Assist Virtual Appointment Bot allows you to customize your payment and Language settings. It also has a default set of Q&As to book an appointment. These questions are sufficient for basic workflows like adding a new Patient, finding out an existing Patient, listing available Providers with their slots, making payments, and booking Appointments. If you would like to make changes to the questions, please share the standard questions with us.

You can contact us at to initiate the Virtual Appointment Bot integration process.