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Event Scheduling

You can schedule practice level and provider level events with ChARM calendar. Events includes Vacation, Holiday, Surgery, Meeting, Lunch, etc.  To define the events, follow the steps given below:

  1. Go to the Calendar tab from home dashboard
  2. Click on a timeslot from Day/Week view. New appointment window opens up.
  3. Choose 'Category' as 'Other Events'
  4. Choose an appropriate 'Event Type', viz., Holiday, Vacation, Lunch, etc.
  5. Choose whether you would like to define the event for a particular provider or for the entire practice. If the event is for a provider, choose the provider name
  6. Choose the Date Range. You can schedule the event for a particular date or for a period of days.
  7. Enter the 'Start Time' and 'Duration' for the event.
    Event Scheduling
  8. If you wish to schedule the event for the whole day, click on the 'Full day event' checkbox. By doing this the whole day will be blocked for that event.
    Full Day Event Scheduling
  9. Click on 'Confirm' to save the event.