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Automated Booking Assistant

Automated Booking Assistant is available for practices in the US and Canada. It enables practices to reduce no-shows and increase patient outcomes. It reduces the load on the front desk staff by enabling patients to reschedule their future or missed appointments without having to call them. It also helps wait listed patients to take the slot of a canceled appointment. The front desk is freed from manually filling the slot by calling each of the wait listed patients.

Enable Automated Booking Assistant

This feature requires Text Notifications also to be enabled. To enable this, go to Settings > Text/Voice Notifications page and click on the Subscribe link.

Once subscribed, navigate to 'Automated Booking Assistant' section and click on 'Enable Automated Booking Assistant'.
Enable Booking Assistant

This will open a dialog to select a phone number for the practice. Search by Area Code or beginning 6 digits to filter available numbers and click on 'Select' to select a number.

All text/voice notifications for the practice, will henceforth be sent from this number.
Auto Booking Phone Number

Now enable one or more of the 3 options to start using this feature.
Booking Assistant Options

Confirm/Cancel/Reschedule Future Appointment

This feature requires 'Appointment Reminder' to be enabled. This setting is available under 'Settings > Patient > Text/Voice Notifications > Text Notifications' section.
Appointment Reminder Notification

A message is appended to the usual reminder message: 'SMS 1 to Confirm, 2 to Cancel, 3 to Reschedule'. The patient can reply to the SMS to Confirm, Cancel or Reschedule their appointment. When they choose to reschedule, they are sent a link to a page that guides them to select a date and time slot and book an appointment. The link is valid for 2 hours.

  • Messages when patient confirms the appointment
    Appointment Confirmation Message
  • Messages when patient cancels the appointment
    Cancel Appointment Message
  • Messages when patient reschedules the appointment
    Reschedule Appointment Message

The patient is sent a link to reschedule their future/missed appointment. The page guides the patient to select a date and time slot to book their appointment.
Automated Appointment Booking

Auto fill Canceled slots

When an appointment is canceled, the waitlisted patients are messaged one by one, based on priority. They can reply to take the slot. If the first patient replies in negative or has not replied within 15 minutes, then the second patient on the waitlist is messaged. It goes on till the slot gets booked or all patients are messaged. Please set 'Visit Type' in appointments and waitlist, so that a free slot is filled with a waitlist of appropriate visit type.
Auto Book Waitlist Appointment

Rescheduling Missed Appointments

By the end of the day, the front desk staff has to change the status of all missed appointments to 'No show' (Appointment Status is configurable). The patients who missed an appointment the previous day, who don't have an appointment in the next 7 days, are sent an SMS with a link to reschedule. The patient can click on the link and pick a date and one of the available slots to reschedule their appointment. The link is valid for 2 hours.
Reschedule Missed Appointment

Conversation View in Messages

The messages section also shows the messages exchanged back and forth in a conversation view.
Message Conversation