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Adding Family Members to your PHR Account

ChARM PHR allows you to access the records of your family members within your PHR account. A PHR account is uniquely identified by an email address. Hence to have a single account for all your family members,

  1. Inform your practice to update the same email address for all your family members.
  2. Send PHR invitation for each of them individually.

You can register your family members by accepting the invitation email sent by your practice.

Adding Family Members To Your PHR Account


If you have not received the invitation email,

  1. Please check SPAM folder.
  2. Contact your practice and check if your Practice has enabled PHR account for your family member or not.
  3. In case you have missed the email, please ask your Practice to resend the invitation, after cross verifying the email address.

Once you have the invitation email, follow the steps below to register your account.

Step 1:

Click on the invitation link and enter patient’s Date of Birth.

Adding Family Members To Your PHR Account


  1. Make sure that you enter DOB in the format mentioned in the form. For example, if your DOB is June 20, 1990, enter ‘06/20/1990’ (in mm/dd/yyyy format)
  2. If you get date of birth mismatch error, there is a possibility that an incorrect Date of Birth is entered by your practice. Contact your practice for correcting it.

Step 2:

Enter Username and Password of your existing Patient Portal account.

Adding Family Members To Your PHR Account

Once the username and password is verified, your family member’s profile will be added to your PHR account and you will be automatically redirected to patient portal dashboard.

Use the switch profile option on the top right corner of the screen to change patient profiles.

Adding Family Members To Your PHR Account

Now, you can access all the records of your family member and perform other actions.

View Records

  1. When you click on your photo at the top-right corner of the page, you will find the option switch patient and practice.
  2. Select the patient to switch and then select the practice listed under 'Switch Practice' option.
  3. Now, you will be redirected to the dashboard view of the selected patient and practice.