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Patient Demographics

My Family

You can access demographics details of your family using “Manage Account“ button available in the “Profile Switch” dialog.


  1. Click the “Manage Account” button
  2. In the resultant dialog select the “My Family” tab
  3. Click the “Edit” button of the profile row to update /check the demographics details
  4. Fill the demographics details and click on "Update"
    Manage Account

Account Details

You can access your account details using “Account Info “ section of 'Manage Account' dialog.


  1. Click the patient profile photo in the top right corner
  2. Switch patient dialog will be shown
  3. Click the “Manage Account” available in the bottom left corner of the dialog
  4. Click on ‘Account Info’ link
  5. Enter the account details and click update
    Account Info


You can store all your contacts like hospitals, pharmacies, doctors, other health providers using 'My contacts' of 'Manage Account' section.
My contacts

Add Contact

You can add your contact using “Add “ button of the respective contact’s section.
Add Contacts