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Supplements are consumed by almost every Patient regularly based on the recommendations of their Physician/Practitioner for better health outcomes.

Most of the Practices often find it a stressful job to manage an inventory, get rid of expired products, and provide their patients with the best supplements.

WellevateSM, a next-generation online Patient dispensary, is designed based on the feedback from health care Practitioners and Patients. This tool helps the Practitioners recommend the highest quality products to their Patients, simplify the ordering, and ultimately improves the Patient's ability to follow their Practitioners’ recommended protocol.

Privacy and Security being vital in Patient communications, every transaction is safe and secure as WellevateSM is HIPAA and PCI compliant.

With this Charm – Wellevate integration, the Provider’s job of prescribing the right supplements for their Patients is made easier. We also provide an option to create supplement templates for conditions you frequently treat to help you to save time.

The prime objective of this document is to guide the Providers on how they can enable this feature in Charm and start using it.

Wellevate Account Configuration

To enable this feature in Charm, the Clinic shall configure from the Add-ons > Wellevate or Settings > Wellevate section. Clicking on the ‘Wellevate’ icon will take you to the Wellevate configuration page under the Settings.
Wellevate Addon

Providers who have permission to Add, Edit, and Delete Supplements can link their Wellevate account to Charm. Also, the Providers should have created an account with Wellevate, which they can choose to link from the Wellevate Settings section.
Wellevate Settings

Providers logging into their Wellevate account from Charm EHR is mandatory to complete the integration.
Wellevate Access Permission
Wellevate Access Permission
Wellevate Access Permission

Once the integration is successful and the status gets Active, the Providers can transmit the supplements for Patients through Wellevate from Charm.
Wellevate Activation

Practice admin can view the list of Providers with Charm - Wellevate integration.
Wellevate Active Users

Task flow - Adding and Transmitting Supplements

Wellevate Workflow

Adding Supplements from Wellevate

Once the feature is enabled, the complete list of Wellevate products will be available under Add Supplement search. Supplements get added to a Patient’s chart through an Encounter or by clicking on the ‘Add Supplements / + Supplement’ button in the Medications > Supplements section of the Patient Dashboard.
Add Medications from Wellevate

Adding Supplements through Encounter

Alternatively, the Provider can choose from the Templates created and saved for that Clinic. The supplements are added either from Wellevate or from the Charm database.
Add Supplements from Encounter

The Provider can enter the required supplement, search, and select the preferred supplement from the list. There is an option to refine the search by ‘Brand Name’ as well.
Add Supplements from Wellevate
Add Supplements from Wellevate

Transmitting Orders to Wellevate

The supplements added to the Patient’s chart with the status ‘Ready to Transmit’ can be transmitted to Wellevate by clicking on the 'Transmit' option.
Transmit To Wellevate Option

The supplements that need to be transmitted can be selected from the ‘Transmit View’ and can be sent.
Transmit to Wellevate Dialog

Once Transmitted, the status will change to ‘Queued’. After a few minutes, it will be successfully transmitted, and the status will be updated in the chart to ‘Transmitted Electronically’.
Wellevate Transmit Status

Add Supplements through Medication Section

Supplements can also be added from the Medications > Supplements section of the Patient Dashboard either from Charm Database or from Wellevate.
Add Medications from Wellevate
Add Supplements from Wellevate

The Provider can search for the preferred supplement and add it to the Patient’s supplement list.

The supplement gets added to the list and will be in ‘Ready to Transmit’ status that can then be transmitted by clicking on the ‘Transmit’ option under the ‘More Options’ button.
Ready to Transmit to Wellevate

Creating Wellevate Supplement Templates

The Facility members / Providers can create their own Supplement Templates under the Settings > My Templates > + New Template.

Select the template type as ‘Supplement’ and click on the ‘Proceed’ button to load the template.
Create Supplement Template
Choose Template Type

Provide a name for the template and add the supplements by clicking on the ‘+ Supplement’ button.
Wellevate Supplement Template

The supplements can be added from Wellevate and Charm Database.
Add Items to Wellevate Template
Add Supplements from Wellevate
Add Supplements from Wellevate
Wellevate Supplement Template

The Provider can add multiple templates with the required supplements and save them under the ‘My Templates’ option.

Choosing from Template in Chart Note

If the Practice has a list of templates created, the Provider can choose from the templates to add supplements to the chart.
Add Supplements from Encounter
Select from Wellevate Template
Ready to Transmit to Wellevate