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Billing Dashboard

Billing Dashboard is a collection of widgets to gain a general view of the Billing activities. This feature empowers the Practice with better Billing Management capabilities.

Roles & Privileges

A privilege can be given for the Practice members to view the Billing Dashboard.

With the role-based access feature, the Practice Admin can enable this privilege for a member.

  • Go to 'Settings > Facility > Roles'
  • Edit/Add a Role.
  • Enable the 'View' & 'Update' options under the Billing dashboard section.
  • Click the 'Add' button to add the privilege to the Role.
    Enable Billing Dashboard

Dashboard Settings

Navigate to the 'Billing > Dashboard' section. Click the 'Settings' icon.
Billing Dashboard

The Practice can personalize the following Dashboard Settings.
Billing Dashboard Settings

  1. Choose the Facility for which you need to view the Billing activities. You can view the details either for one particular Facility or all Facilities.
  2. You can choose to show the details by 'Invoice/ Payment/ Refund Date' or 'Invoice/ Payment/ RefundAdded Date'.
  3. Select the 'Date Range' to view the details.
  4. If you need to search using the Facility Code, choose the 'Yes' option from the 'Enable Facility Code Search' drop-down menu. By default, the option 'No' will be enabled. On choosing the 'Yes' option, the Facilities grouped on the Facility Code get listed.You can choose either a particular Facility or all the Facilities belonging to the Facility code.
    Enable Facility Code Search
  5. Customize View: You can Disable the widgets you need not require and Reorder them as per your preference. Use the toggle option to disable the widgets and drag/drop to reorder them.

    Note: The first two widgets get displayed in the Dashboard view. Click the 'Show More' link in the Dashboard to view the other widgets.

  6. Click the 'Save' button to save the changes.



Watchlist helps the Practice to view the important Billing data in consolidation. The Practice Members can click the separate items to get finer details and take action accordingly.

  • Unbilled Encounters: This shows the total number of Encounters for which the Invoices have not been generated. The Practice can check the standing Encounters to be billed.
  • Draft Invoices: This shows the total number of Invoices in the 'Draft' status. The Practice can work on these Invoices later.
  • Invoices with '-ve' Due: The Practice can use this to identify the Invoices applied with additional payment/ adjustment. These can be invoices with additional payments from EOBs or when a paid invoice is edited and items are removed, it can be an invoice with a '-ve' balance.
  • Invoices with Due & PR: Shows the total number of Invoices with 'Due and Patient Responsibility'. The Practice can work on these Invoices to close them by applying for the unused payments if available for the Patient or can follow up with a Patient by sending the Invoices/Statements for payments.
  • Receipts with Unused Payment: Shows the total number of Receipts that have 'Unused Payment'.
  • Total Unused Payment: Shows total Patient Credits which can be used to close outstanding Invoices of the Patient.
  • The 'Information Icon' in each widget helps the Practice to know more about the widgets.
    Watchlist Option
  • The Practice can print the complete dashboard based on the personalized order. Click the 'Print' icon to print the dashboard.
    Print Billing Dashboard
  • The Practice can click the chart data/ table data to get the finer details and export the list in PDF / CSV format.
    Export Invoices List

Invoices, Receipts, & Refunds

  • This widget allows the Practice to see the trends of sales and payments received across the selected Date range and compares the modules to see the actual payment flow.
  • You can also track the Refunds in the selected period.
  • The Invoices Total, Receipts Total, Refunds Total, and Net Collection on the left-hand pane show the consolidated values.
    Invoice Receipts and Refunds
  • Click the 'Table view' icon on the top-right corner of the widget to view the report in the list format.
    Invoice Receipts and Refunds

Patient Receivables and Payer Receivables

  • CharmHealth provides separate widgets that allow the Practice to view aging A/R from the Patient and Payer.
    Patient Receivables and Payer Receivables
  • This shows the total outstanding amount that the Practice needs to collect from the Patients and Payers.
  • Practices can view the 'Days in A/R' for Patients under the 'Patient Receivables' section and for Payers under the 'Payer Receivables' section to track their account receivables.
  • The Practice can prioritize the Invoices and take action accordingly.

Invoices by Status

  • This widget allows the Practice to view Invoices by their 'Status'.
    Invoices by Status
  • Invoices can be in 'Draft', 'Unpaid', 'Partially Paid', 'Paid', and 'Canceled' status.

Top 10 Procedures

  • This widget allows the Practice to find the top 10 Procedures billed in the selected period.
  • It can be viewed by its 'Amount' which is the default view (or) by its 'Quantity' used.
  • The Practice can see the trend to find the popular services rendered in its Facility.

Procedures By Amount:

Procedures By Amount:

Procedures by Quantity

Procedures by Quantity

Receipts by Payment Method

  • This widget allows the Practice to compare Payments from different methods.
  • The Practice can also use this widget to crosscheck the payments received in different accounts.
    Receipts by Payment Method

Encounter Billing Summary

  • This widget allows the Practice to compare the Encounters in different Billing states.
  • The Practice can prioritize the Encounters based on the Billing state and take action accordingly.
    Encounter Billing Summary

Patient Communication Modes

  • This widget allows the Practice to find Patients by communication modes categorized as 'With PHR', 'With Email & No PHR', and 'No Email & No PHR'.
  • This widget helps the Practice to view the Patients without a PHR account. The Practice can then direct the team to improve the PHR count. This improves the engagement of the Practices with the Patients.
    Patient Communication Modes

Invoices & Statements sent

  • This widget allows the Practice to compare and see the trends of Invoices and Statements sent to the Patients.
  • Invoices and Statements can be sent to the PHR account, Email id, Text Message to the Patient's mobile number, or mailed to the Patient's Address.
    Invoices and Statements Sent


Claims by Status

  • This widget helps the Practice to view the Claims in different statuses.
  • The data can be viewed based on the Encounter Date or Claim Date.
  • The Practice can work on the Claims based on their status.
    Claims by Status

Payments by Patients & Payers

This widget allows the Practice to compare and view the payment trends by the Patients and Payers.
Payments by Patients and Payers


Top 10 Products

This widget allows the Practice to view the Top 10 Products billed by 'Amount' sold (or) by 'Quantity' used. The Practice can find the popular Products sold in the Facility.

Products by Amount Sold:
Products by Amount Sold

Products by Quantity Used
Products by Quantity Used

Invoices by Procedures & Products

This widget allows the Practice to compare the Procedures rendered and Products billed across the date range.
Invoices by Procedures and Products