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Configure Billing Packages

'Billing Packages' allows the practices to create Packages for a set of Procedures/Treatments that can be used by the Patient over a period of time, say 6 months or 1 year. Once the patient buys a package, the system keeps track of the package and shows the available services in the package. The package can also be shared between the family members of the patient.

Creating a Billing Package

Under Settings, the Practice can create all the custom Billing Packages at once by following the steps below,

  1. Navigate to 'Settings > Billing > Billing Packages'. Click on '+Billing Package'
  2. Enter Package Name and its Short Name
  3. Select a Billing Code for the Package from Procedure Codes list. 'Package Charge' will be the charge of the Procedure Code. Or use the 'Add New' link to add a Procedure Code along with the charge.
  4. Enter Package Period in months
  5. To allow sharing of this package with family members of the patient, select 'Allow sharing of this Package with all Family Members'.
  6. If you do not charge patients while using the services in the package, select 'Patients are not charged when they use the services/items of the package'. Otherwise, select 'Patients are charged for the services when they use the services/items of the package' option.
  7. Under 'Package Items' add Procedures that are part of the package and enter the quantity of each procedure in the package.
  8. Use 'Add Products to the Package' option, to add products into the package.
    Add Billing Package

Selling Packages to the Patient

After creating a Billing Package, it can be sold to the Patient by adding the Billing code of the package in Invoice. Once the Invoice is approved, the Package will be mapped to the patient, and the patient can start using the package.
Package Invoice

Billing Package details on Patient's Dashboard

If a package is available for the patient, a 'Billing Package Icon' will be shown on the Patient's dashboard. It shows the available services in the package besides the last used details. Click on the 'Show All Visits' link to view the usage of the package during the previous visits of the patient.
Billing Package Details

Using Package services in subsequent Patient's Visit

If a package is available for the patient, the package will be auto-selected while generating an Invoice for the subsequent Patient's visit.

For the services that are part of the selected package, the charge will be made as either Zero, or the charge will be populated from Procedure Codes (depending on the option chosen while creating the package in Settings). Also, a 'Billing Package Icon' will be shown against the line item, which implies that the service is part of the selected package.

Once the invoice is approved, the available quantities of the services in the patient's package will be updated accordingly.
Select Billing Package

Billing Reports

As part of this feature, two new reports are added under 'Billing > Reports > Billing Packages Reports'.

  • Packages Sold Report
  • Package Services Usage Report

Packages Sold Report: This report lists the Packages that were sold to the Patients in the selected Date Range. 'Package Details Link' shows the currently available items in the package, along with Last Visit Details and Earlier Visit details.

Package Services Usage Report: This report lists all the services used by the patient and is a part of the Patient's package. For each service that is part of the patient's package, an entry will be shown in the report.
Billing Package Reports