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Configuring Billing Templates

  1. Click on Settings~> Templates~> My Templates
    My Templates
  2. Click on "+ New template" button to add a new template
    Add New Template
  3. Name the newly created template and choose appropriate template type and click on "Proceed" button to continue
    Billing Procedure Template
  4. Click on "+ Add Items" button to add procedure codes
    Add Procedure Code to Template
  5. Enter the procedure codes or description to find and add the procedures. One can click on "More" button to add more than three entries or click on "delete" icon to remove entries. Click on "Add" button to confirm the addition of selected codes
    Add Procedure Codes
  6. Click on "Save" button to save changes
    Save Procedure Codes

    Note: Templates will be visible under "My Templates" section. Providers can share it with the practice account or to the ChARM library

Viewing , Editing, Deleting, Sharing and duplicating will be available under "Template" documentation