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Receipt Templates

Templates for Receipts can be configured under the 'Settings > Billing > Receipt Templates' section.
Receipt Templates

Creating New Receipt template

To create a new Receipt template, follow the steps given below.

  • Click the '+New Template' button.
    New Receipt Templates Option
  • Choose any of the templates from the below three categories.
    • Single Window Envelope Templates
    • Double Window Envelope Templates
    • Others/ Receipt PDF
  • Click the 'Use This' button to create a template.
    Choose Receipt Template
    Receipt Template Customization
  • Similar to the Invoice Template creation page, this page consists of three sections that enable the Practice to switch between different sections of the template, make required changes, and preview the template.
  • Consider if a Practice that wants to show the Encounter Date instead of the Invoice date on the Receipt, they can navigate to the respective section i.e 'Tables' in this case, and then check and uncheck the required elements as shown below.
    Receipt Template Customization
    Receipt Template Customization
  • You can change the labels of the elements as required and click the 'Save' button to save the template.

Note: All active Invoice and Receipt templates will be available for the 'Print / Download / Send' Options.