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Configure Insurance Settings

The Practice can configure the Insurance Settings from the 'Settings > Billing-Claims > Insurance Settings' section. Any values configured in this Setting are considered default while adding new Patient Insurance. It will not impact the already added Insurance.

However, you can always change the values of these fields from the Patient's Insurance section. Whatever the values configured in the Patient Insurance section will be taken while generating the Claims, according to the 'General Claim Settings'.
Insurance Settings

  • Release Medical Information: Choosing the option 'Yes' in this field indicates that the Practice has obtained consent from the Patient to release the medical information to the Payer. Any value configured here gets selected by default when you add new Patient Insurance.
  • Date of Signature for Release of Medical Information: This field indicates the date when the Practice has got consent from the Patient to release the medical information to the Payer. You can set it to show the 'Patient Registered Date' (or) 'Insurance Added Date' as the default value while adding the Patient Insurance. You can also set it as empty so that no date will be selected by default.
    Insurance Settings
  • Assign Medical Benefits: This indicates whether the Patient has authored the Payer to provide the benefits/payments directly to the Provider/Practice. Any value chosen here gets populated by default while adding new Patient Insurance.
  • Default Policy Type Code: When MEDICARE is selected as Secondary Insurance in a Claim, the 'Policy Type Code' is required to be submitted in that Claim. The Practice can configure the default 'Policy Type Code' under this Insurance Settings field. The user is allowed to choose a different Policy Type Code for a specific Insurance under the 'Patient Insurance' Section.
  • Prior Authorization Settings: CharmHealth allows the user to add Prior Authorization specific to a Provider. This helps to track the Patients' visits based on a specific Provider. When a Prior Authorization gets configured for the Provider, the order of the Providers arranged in the 'Prior Authorization Provider' setting will be followed for Prior Authorization counter calculation. The Practice can re-order the Providers as per their preferences.
    Prior Authorization Settings